STUDENT POLICY/CONDUCT FOR Behind the Wheel Sessions Ÿ Students will be required to show their permits each time they drive. Students without a valid MN Instruction Permit will not be allowed to drive. If the student has a session scheduled and does not have a permit at the time of the session, the student will be reminded and issued a warning. A second forgotten permit could result in a fee of $50.  Ÿ A 24 hour/parental notice is an acceptable way to cancel/reschedule appointments and can be done onine. Ÿ Students need to complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training. The course completion card-WHITE CARD is issued after the last session. Ÿ Sessions will be 3 sessions of 2-hours each-unless otherwise specified and approved. Ÿ Students will be evaluated as the training session’s progress.  Parental input is encouraged.  Ÿ Only students doing the driving will be allowed in the vehicle for training. Ÿ Sessions should be spaced throughout the time the student has their permit. More than one appointment can be scheduled at a time.  Ÿ We strongly recommend the session be spaced out 3-4 weeks between sessions.