Minnesota driver education programs may offer teleconferencing in place of classroom training to students who are enrolled with the driver education program, including those who have either started classroom driver education instruction, or will enroll in the future. 
 All instruction shall be done via teleconference or other methods of face-to-face distant learning in a
live setting to ensure student’s questions and comments are addressed. Students receiving instruction may do so from their own residence if it can be confirmed that picture and sound allow for the ability to interact with the instructor.

Driver education programs are only allowed to offer teleconference to students who enroll with their specific program.

Once the school district has deemed it safe to return to the buildings we will return to holding our classes at the high schools in the order the schedule follows.

​​JUNE  7TH-18TH 

9:00AM-NOON-Monday to Friday


Summer classes are held at: 


3705 Fairway PL NW